Laneige History

Look back into your memories with Laneige History


Water Story reestablished.

The confidence of moist and revitalized skin.
Laneige continues to break boundaries in beauty research with Laneige Advanced Water Science, pursuing the completion of moist and transparent skin


Snow is the beauty of Laneige.

Filled with moisture particles from the Himalayas.
Laneige, meaning ‘snow’ from nature, aimed to contain the hydrating ingredients of icecap water for pure and clean natural skin.


Laneige Professional Makeup Line launched.

Laneige Makeup Stand
With the new Laneige Premium Makeup Line with Jeon Ji Hyeon, Laneige Makeup has reached its height


Laneige Homme was born.

I thought stingy toner was better.
Laneige Homme was launched to care for men’s skin troubles.


Trust the power of your toner.

Trust the power of your toner.
Power Essential Skin, one of Laneige’s steady-sellers and all-time best-sellers! Laneige’s leading product that has taught us the importance of toner.


Global advancement

Beauty of Asia
Launched in Hong Kong and China, Laneige became Global Laneige by providing clear skin solutions to Asian women in the 20s.


Everyday New Face

‘Everyday New Face’ Campaign
Based on the concept of creating sophisticated beauty of modern women through advanced science, Laneige became the leading trendy cosmetic brand of Korea for the New Millennium.


Live like a Movie

‘Live Like a Movie’ Campaign
Suggested a new type of advertisement based on the slogan of "Live like a Movie." Laneige established the image of trend-setting makeup and its "Sexy No.1" and "Hepburn Bronze" made a big hit.


Laneige was born.

The Birth of Laneige.
Meaning ‘snow' in French, Laneige was born for the beauty of women in their 20s with the keywords of honesty, intellectuality, activeness, and harmony. Laneige pursues happy and trendy youth and is dedicated to creating the skin that is renewed and reborn every day.