Water Bank Moisture Cream

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Water Bank Moisture Cream

Long-lasting Moisture Essence for Smooth and Clear Skin Texture

50ml Day, Night Normal Skin , Dry Skin

Cream , Dry Skin , Moist , Hydrating

Product Benefits

Product Benefits

- A 24-hour long-lasting moisture cream with a strong hydrating effect and a velvety, creamy texture to refine a rough skin into a smooth and radiant skin.
- Contains mineral water for skin regeneration and Water Pump System for moisture circulation to safeguard skin moisture and hold it in to leave the skin moisturized and smooth.
- Contains grape seed oil and mango seed oil with anti-oxidant and soothing properties to emulsify the skin and supply nutrition and energy.

How to Use

1. After using the essence, release about a hazelnut-sized amount.
2. Gently spread from the center of the face towards the contours.

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